At Peak 3 LLC we don’t just do video production, we tell stories.  We are filmmakers, story tellers, AV geeks, cinematographers, grips, gaffers, audio fanatics and video editors.  For us this isn’t just a job it’s a passion.


Zak Melms

Creative Director / Cinematographer / Managing Member

A cinematographer and technogeek at heart Zak may as well have been born with a camera in his hands.  Anchorage born and raised, he has spent much of his life exploring the city and state he calls home.  Before starting Peak 3 Zak obtained a degree in Film and Photography at MSU Bozeman, MT.

Today he continues to find himself endlessly fascinated by Alaska’s ability to surprise and delight.  His work behind the lens has taken him to the far reaches of the state to observe, document and tell stories.

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Michael K Bergstrom

Producer / Locations / Coordination

Michael Bergstrom has produced shows in locations from the Everglades to the Bering Sea. His portfolio ranges from music videos and documentaries to television commercials and narrative works. His talents and knowledge of Alaska have been used in shows on The History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Animal Planet among many others. A production guru, who can do everything from find the perfect location, to locating the perfect meal place close by, to being ever helpful on set with a wide array of skills in casting, locations, coordinating and producing.



Dan Lee

Content Creator / Steadicam Operator

Dan Lee is a lifelong 3rd generation Alaskan - a rare breed for sure.  His obsession with moving images began at a young age when he’d pick up the families VHS camcorder at family events and making short films instead of writing papers for school.

Coming from homesteaders, Dan’s adventurous life continued with the Boy Scouts where he learned many things including a love and respect for Alaska.  At every chance, you’ll find him hiking a mountain, or fishing the rivers streams and lakes of his primary office, the woods - thankfully cell phones ring here too.  

A Marine Corps vet with 3 tours in Iraq, he’s tough as nails with a sense of humor to match.  The lessons he learned about teamwork and mission accomplishment inform how he approaches all projects.  While attending both UAA and Ithaca college, Dan spent 4 summers in Nome Dredging for gold and is more comfortable outside than in.

In his post collegiate years he has worked on countless short films, feature films and reality tv programs.  This experience included two and a half years on Coast Guard Alaska, filming in Kodiak and Cordova.  His will-do attitude and technical expertise keep things positive and moving forward even in the 11th hour.  Speaking off Moving, Dan is the resident Steadicam expert in the  state, he’s also incredibly strong when it comes to stabilizers, sliders and full size dollies.  He has seen and filmed much of this great state and is hungry to do more.

Dan’s motto is simple: “Capturing the Alaskan Spirit to show the World.”


Levi Freeman

Content Creator

Growing up on a family farm in rural Oregon taught Levi the meaning of hard work and gave him an appreciation for being outside.  Since moving to Alaska in 2005 his love of nature and adventure have grown to include film and video production.  And he has a knack for it.

Finding the needle in the haystack was Levi's first task when he started at Peak 3 as an assistant editor.  On day one he was handed 40 hours of library footage and given the task to locate the finest 5 minutes that could be edited down to a 30 second spot that would air nationally.  Some would call this mundane, we call it production!  That spot played on the jumbotron in Yankee Stadium for the 2015 season.

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Peak 3 is committed to community support and works with local non profits on projects that matter. We are also members of the Alaska Film Group and the Alaska Travel Industry Association.