Shine a light on it.  Set a courtesy. Tune the color.  Cut a glare.  Hold it down.  Soften it just so.  Boom it.  Bounce it.  And whenever possible please let it be battery powered.  G&E gear can be a challenge to travel with which is why we stock the essentials.


LiteGear Litemat 1 Plus Kit
LiteGear Litemat 4 Plus Kit
Rayzr 7 - 300 watt Daylight LED (575 HMI equivalent)
Aputure 300D (2k tungsten or 400w HMI equivalent)
Fiilex 411 Kit
Dracast 1x1 Bi-color Kit
F&V 1x1 Kits
Westcott Flexlight 1x1 Bi-color


Junior Grip Cart
Combo Stands
Clamps, Solids, Nets, Bounces
Micro Grip Kit & 6in Suction Cups
Magliner Senior Cart w/power toe plate

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